Framed Original Illustration for Sale

Texas Hill Country

TX Hill Country, framed 12″ x 12″, pastel, colored pencil, ink, 2011

$50, purchase here.


Currently Accepting Commissions


Currently Accepting Commissions for hand drawn artwork and graphic design print and digital media. Email for details.


Portrait Sketch “Ophelia”

I decided last minute to call this drawing from my sketchbook “Ophelia” (not in anyway connected to Shakespeare’s Ophelia in Hamlet).


It is modeled after this photo Glen Ford Nunez’s Rachel Flowers portrait is The Coiffure Project



“A Beautiful Medusa in Water”

Some nudity, not safe for work (NSFW)

I decided to change of the character in Greek mythology and make the Medusa young and beautiful, but still with a head full of snakes.

"A Beautiful Medusa in Water"
“A Beautiful Medusa in Water”

Character Sketches

The character is for a short story are wrote a couple years ago. She’s a modern teenager with retro (1950s/60s) fashion sense. I sort of modeled her after myself and gave her glasses, but unlike my own her’s have the cateye frames.

Girl Boatneck

Girl BunGirl Window Sill







Sketches: “Sisters” & “Young Cordial”

You’ll notice a lot of my sketches are done on not so great paper. I doodle on scratch paper while I’m on break/lunch at work.

"Sisters" Evelyn & June
Evelyn & June
Young Cordial
“Young Cordial”

Sketchbook Landscapes



Sketches: Tattooed Model Bill Huxley

Photo inspiration via The Pandorian & Maciek













New Art & Art Shows

I’ve been slacking from blogging a bit, but have been working on trying to get my work out there more this year (and in the future). Here are some finished pieces I’ve done (2012-2013). The majority were done in graphite and ink, with the exception of “Home” (which has color created with a colored pencil) and “Secret Garden (which was done in crayon). I submitted the first one (below) and the work titled (House in the Mountains” for the Lawndale Big Show, but was not accepted. The other pieces where  featured in the JoMar Visions Group Show last month. I will also be submitting works for the 17th Annual Citywide African American Artists Exhibition sponsored by the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (MFAH). Last year my work titled “Thomas & Janie” was accepted. Wish me luck!


"House on the Mountains"

Close up: "House in the Mountains"


Close up: "Castle"


Close up; Crepe Myrtle trees in "Home"

"Secret Garden"

Close up: "Secret Garden"