For Sale: Fabric & Wallpaper Designed by Me

These are a few fabric I’ve design and are available to view in my Design Library on If you’re interested in purchasing, let me know. I still need to get verified before I can sell on their site. I’m not sure if I want to have customers order through me or have Spoonflower take care of everything.

Not sure in anyone will notice, but the image in my WordPress header is a partial of the Watercolor Lattice pattern (on the bottom left in the above image). The pattern looks very different when paired with a colored background.

You can find out more details about each pattern by visiting my Spoonflower Design Library linked above.


NEW Graphic Doodles

French Bouquet on Blush
“French Bouquet on Blush”

I want to make this large, and use and altered version of my handwriting as the font for ‘Bonjour’. I think this print will look better on blush.

French Bouquet on White
“French Bouquet on White”
"Alien Contact"
“Alien Contact”

This was a result of a happy accident using Live Trace in Adobe illustrator.


Art on Campus

I decided to showcase art installation on campus here at the University of Houston. Here’s a student project that was in the Fine Arts Building last semester. It’s the head of a dragon made from paper. It looked great. The paper dragon scales make a beautiful texture.

This second one is more current and can me found in the College of Architecture. I’m going to guess and say this is laser cut aluminum or steel. I love the overall shape and the floral pattern cutouts.

Here’s some more photos at different angles.

Business Cards

I’ve finally started trying to design my business cards. I wanted a design that represents my design aesthetic. I decided on the name Prairie Grace. I want the imagery to reference nature (life on the prairie) and the classic, refined, and simplicity of modernity. It is my new definition of grace. It is one that is connected to the past yet still in the present. When I think of life on the prairie during the 1800s, I think of the delicate femininity of women and their wardrobe and the tough, rugged masculinity of the men. I think of the durability and craftsmanship of the things they used and wore. I think about the necessity and less excess. So for the present I want a mix of this, shapes and forms simplified. I want things to be timeless, classic, to have the ability to be passed down from generation tho generation, something that is not a trend, that is consistent. I see something that is neither feminine nor masculine, but a mixture a both—organic and geometric. This is my definition of grace, glamour, and beauty.

Here’s what I have so far:

I want the colors to be complimentary (the blue and green) but I also want to throw in some discord. I’ll be looking around for color suggestions and ways to make the design look less basic. Any suggestions?