For Sale: Fabric & Wallpaper Designed by Me

These are a few fabric I’ve design and are available to view in my Design Library on If you’re interested in purchasing, let me know. I still need to get verified before I can sell on their site. I’m not sure if I want to have customers order through me or have Spoonflower take care of everything.

Not sure in anyone will notice, but the image in my WordPress header is a partial of the Watercolor Lattice pattern (on the bottom left in the above image). The pattern looks very different when paired with a colored background.

You can find out more details about each pattern by visiting my Spoonflower Design Library linked above.


What I’m Working on Now

I’m working on coming into to my own style, one day at a time. This was a drawing for one of the doodle projects from GOOD (I have yet to finish, so it was never  submitted). My dream is to vacation in the Texas hill country.

Here’s a close up of my favorite part of the drawing. I love how the layers turned out.

Finally, here a close up of the text I’m still working on.

I’m also working on a couple illustration for class. The illustration will be the visuals for accompanying audio.

I enlarged and colored the drawings.

Color Inspiration, Groovy

I was eating lunch one day and went to throw the remains away when I noticed the very beautiful color pallet of the orange peels, grapes, whole wheat bread crusts, and the plate they all rested on. I took a picture,  went into Adobe Illustrator, and selected each color to create swatches. Beauty and inspiration can be found in simple things and in the most unexpected places.

Hmmm…peanut butter, jelly, and a glass of water, anyone? Oh, maybe a groovy, polyester pantsuit?

Hand Lettering

I made some fonts a couple of weeks ago using gouache and watercolor. These are the best of the bunch. I’m thinking about submitting some to the TypeGallery 2010 typeface design competition. I would refine and clean them up, of course.

I name this one The Intellectual. I was going for scholarly, traditional, but with a modern easy, handmade feel. I didn’t really care to be precise. I want to mix typeface with handwriting. Maybe I will on a next variation.

I did a simplified version in hunter green. The original version would have been hunter green with navy shading. I was feeling very preppy and or ivy league about this color scheme.

I thought about the late 1970s, summer, Florida, racing cars and their graphics when making these letters. This also made me think of vintage vacation souvenir t-shirts.

The final font has a more personal touch. I wanted to look at it as someone signature, some that has qualities to be big and epic. This reminded of the director Cecil B. DeMille…maybe because the name Emile rhymes with his last name. Anyway, I wanted to still channel old Hollywood. I would like to think that Emile is a young man with antiquated charm; he wears oxfords and vintage Pendleton blazers.

vintage souvenir tees

vintage vacation tees

new Pendleton

Birthday Card Update

I finally started coloring in the final image for the birthday card I’m designing. I wanted bright, pretty, fun colors that popped. I think this would be a great kid’s birthday card, or for someone young at heart. I used Dick Blick coloring pencils. They’re cheap and blend very well. The pink is a Prismacolor pencil. The tan outlines were done with a Faber-Castell Pitt artist pen, size S. The paper is a cotton fiber blend with a smooth surface. It’s either Canson or Stonehendge brand. (Side note: Dick Blick is an awesome place to buy art and craft supplies, online or in their stores)

Here’s what I have so far:

You can see the original sketch and ideas here.