Sketchbook Landscapes



New Art & Art Shows

I’ve been slacking from blogging a bit, but have been working on trying to get my work out there more this year (and in the future). Here are some finished pieces I’ve done (2012-2013). The majority were done in graphite and ink, with the exception of “Home” (which has color created with a colored pencil) and “Secret Garden (which was done in crayon). I submitted the first one (below) and the work titled (House in the Mountains” for the Lawndale Big Show, but was not accepted. The other pieces where  featured in the JoMar Visions Group Show last month. I will also be submitting works for the 17th Annual Citywide African American Artists Exhibition sponsored by the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (MFAH). Last year my work titled “Thomas & Janie” was accepted. Wish me luck!


"House on the Mountains"

Close up: "House in the Mountains"


Close up: "Castle"


Close up; Crepe Myrtle trees in "Home"

"Secret Garden"

Close up: "Secret Garden"


NEW Graphic Doodles

French Bouquet on Blush
“French Bouquet on Blush”

I want to make this large, and use and altered version of my handwriting as the font for ‘Bonjour’. I think this print will look better on blush.

French Bouquet on White
“French Bouquet on White”
"Alien Contact"
“Alien Contact”

This was a result of a happy accident using Live Trace in Adobe illustrator.



Patterns (Equestrian and Futuristic Space)

Some new patterns I hope to explore soon…



Small horseshoe pattern with accent color:






Accidental Inspiration: Red Roof

I was using some shapes and colors to create an interesting pattern for assignment I was doing at work a few months ago. I thought it look pretty good, but not quite right for the assignment.


Post Cards (February)

I was going to make a series of post cards, one for each month, but… I never stuck with it. Sad, I know. However, here is the first one I did (February).

Here are some close ups.

2/2012 “February”, 4″x6″, colored pencils, watercolor, cut paper, glitter, glue


New Illustrations

I’m working with Crayola Crayons again, in hopes to capture the same…youthful vibrancy of my childhood drawings. I guess that’s the best way to put it.



Environments: “Andrea’s Bedroom”

Environments: "Andrea's Bedroom"


Patterns: Pastel Cotton Candy



Playing with Color

My outfit today consisted of blues and violets (specifically sky blue, violet, lavender, and a deep regal purple) with a neutral khaki base and gray accents.