Random Beauty: Art


Found: A Postcard from Ghana

I found this post card inside a book while at the library. I think someone was using it as a bookmark. The back was blank; it had never been used.

One the back:

“The giant fontomfrom drums, the tall bommaa and the kettle-like atumpan (each in their male and female), form the largest orchestra in Ghana second only to the national drums. The carver of these drums, James Acheampong, dances to their rhythm. In creating these powerful regal instruments from one piece of cordia (Tweneboa) wood, he uses leather, cowrie shells, cow hide, brass and other local materials.”                                                                                                                                                                                        

 James Acheampong, Centre for National Culture, Kumasi, Ghana

Art on Campus

I decided to showcase art installation on campus here at the University of Houston. Here’s a student project that was in the Fine Arts Building last semester. It’s the head of a dragon made from paper. It looked great. The paper dragon scales make a beautiful texture.

This second one is more current and can me found in the College of Architecture. I’m going to guess and say this is laser cut aluminum or steel. I love the overall shape and the floral pattern cutouts.

Here’s some more photos at different angles.