Vision Board


My vision board is a visual summary of all the things I want, from color and aesthetics, to having a car and running my own business.

I’ve begun working on a Network Action Plan that outlines the steps that I need to take to get to where I want to be three years from now. This particular Network Action Plan is for my desire to have my own business as a creative outlet and to earn extra income (hopefully one day be my full-time/only income) which will help with the other items included on the vision board. I am open to multiple and varied income sources and business opportunities, but my main focus right now is on art.

I’ve also written down lists of positive affirmation that, along with this image, will be posted around my apartment to help with visualization and to help me stay on track and focused.


For Sale: Fabric & Wallpaper Designed by Me

These are a few fabric I’ve design and are available to view in my Design Library on If you’re interested in purchasing, let me know. I still need to get verified before I can sell on their site. I’m not sure if I want to have customers order through me or have Spoonflower take care of everything.

Not sure in anyone will notice, but the image in my WordPress header is a partial of the Watercolor Lattice pattern (on the bottom left in the above image). The pattern looks very different when paired with a colored background.

You can find out more details about each pattern by visiting my Spoonflower Design Library linked above.

Framed Original Illustration for Sale

Texas Hill Country

TX Hill Country, framed 12″ x 12″, pastel, colored pencil, ink, 2011

$50, purchase here.


Crayon Portraits, Artwork for Sale

100_7143-watermarkGabriel, October 2015. Available for purchase here.

Alfonso-crop-watermarkAlfonso, October 2015. Available for purchase here


Currently Accepting Commissions


Currently Accepting Commissions for hand drawn artwork and graphic design print and digital media. Email for details.


Portrait Sketch “Ophelia”

I decided last minute to call this drawing from my sketchbook “Ophelia” (not in anyway connected to Shakespeare’s Ophelia in Hamlet).


It is modeled after this photo Glen Ford Nunez’s Rachel Flowers portrait is The Coiffure Project



“A Beautiful Medusa in Water”

Some nudity, not safe for work (NSFW)

I decided to change of the character in Greek mythology and make the Medusa young and beautiful, but still with a head full of snakes.

"A Beautiful Medusa in Water"
“A Beautiful Medusa in Water”

Character Sketches

The character is for a short story are wrote a couple years ago. She’s a modern teenager with retro (1950s/60s) fashion sense. I sort of modeled her after myself and gave her glasses, but unlike my own her’s have the cateye frames.

Girl Boatneck

Girl BunGirl Window Sill







Sketches: “Sisters” & “Young Cordial”

You’ll notice a lot of my sketches are done on not so great paper. I doodle on scratch paper while I’m on break/lunch at work.

"Sisters" Evelyn & June
Evelyn & June
Young Cordial
“Young Cordial”

Sketchbook Landscapes