Giovanni Cosmetics

Well I must say, when I finally found this product in a store, it looked great on the shelf. It was at the very top and the frosted  container allowed the store’s lights to soften as I saw it shinning through the container and the metallic detail on the label was iridescent. It was the conditioner, Giovanni Smooth as Silk Deeper Moisture Conditioner (to be exact) that I had heard so much about. I had read positive reviews on blogs,  product reviews, and natural hair care forums. I loved the fact I could purchase it at stores I normally go to, I wouldn’t have to wait to receive it in the mail. After I’d read the remarks online, I searched for the company’s website. The Giovanni Smooth as Silk Deeper Moisture Conditioner is part of their Four Elements line. That part of the Giovanni website is what started me on this post. The music creates an experience and the background image makes an atmosphere. I love each of the short poems that describe each of the four elements. “Water” is my favorite. After clicking on an element, your are taken to another place where a photograph allows you to visualize the characteristics, the personality, of the element with the use of a model. The most successful of the images are the ones used for “Fire”. The images bring to mind the words strong, consuming, and sultry. I found the model for the other elements of earth, wind, and water to not fully connect element personality with image. “Water” didn’t look very “pure” (it’s still the second favorite thought), “Wind” was very beautiful, but there was a disconnect in the model’s face in the image where she’s standing. She looked partially human (photograph) and partially airbrushed or computer generated. There was something really off with her face, the angle of her eyes, her expression. This could explain the disconnect. “Earth” looked stiff and lifeless, her expression was blank. This was the least successful of the four.

Giovanni Smooth as Silk Deeper Moisture Conditioner

The clean, monotone, design does stand out on the shelf, bright saturated colors aren’t needed. In the average, non organic or all natural isle of Wal-Mart or Target stores where the shelves are full of your everyday mainstream products with packaging that has a color scheme similar to the sugary sweet hues in a candy store, Giovanni products are bound to stand out. I found that many organic or all natural brands and even luxury brands opt for sophisticated, simplified, and clean packaging. People got to these brands because those brands are saying something mainstream brands aren’t. People are tired of all the extra junk, all the dyes, perfumes, and other chemicals. They want something simple, they want a small list of ingredients so they know what works on the hair or skin. They want brands that show they, the consumer, has matured and wised up to all that hype. People are serious about their money and what they spend it on, quality is more important than quantity, they don’t want excess. These luxury, organic, and all natural lines are saying (with their packaging), that they have all that and some. Now, whether the products actually do what the packaging “says”, I’m waiting to see.


Aedes de Venustas

Aedes de Venustas is a New York boutique specializing in hard to find luxury items for home and body. Here are some product lines with beautiful packaging that speaks of quality. I’ve added my initial thoughts.

Agaria Luxury Bath Bar, Rosemary and Lavender
Agaria Luxury Bath Bar, Rosemary and Lavender

purple and gold are very regal, the wrapping: handmade and tailored

Annick Goutal Face and Body Oil

Annick Goutal face and body oil

fresh, crisp, floral motif adds a feminine touch, frosted exterior is soft and delicate, over all: very lady like

Susanne Kaufmann Products
Susanne Kaufmann products

European Minimalism (see 50 years Braun Design Inovation), clean, sterile, pure

Duchess Marden Face Cleanser
Duchess Marden face cleanser

Morrocan in the intricate pattern of the label and cap as well as in the vibrant color, sensuous, exotic

Santa Maria Novella After Shave Lotion in Sandalwood
Santa Maria Novella after shave lotion in Sandalwood

old world Italian, classic, Romanticism’s revival in the 1800s, religious art of the 17th century