My New Illustrations

I finally finished this last night. I was inspired by the story about the Little Engine That Could.

“¡Lo Puedes Hacer!”

paper, colored pencil, water-soluble pastels, ink

“Groovy Black Girl”

paper, water-soluble pastel

I love vintage children’s books illustrations. I found these two books, Upside Down Day (1968), words by Julian Scheer, pictures by Kelly Oechsli and Just like David (1951) by Marguerite De Angeli, in the library.

The color combinations of blues and greens with the black are beautiful in the right illustration. The left illustration is just a beautiful scene. I’m really drawn to the 60s Modern decor and architecture. I love the long lines of the windows and the landscape outside. The entire color pallet of this book is a funky, 60s, retro, themed colors that seem to be in discord, a little.

I was first drawn to the cover and it’s color scheme. The illustration on the right has great black and white, soft drawing lines. It has a beautiful texture. There are a few scenes done in color. I think they were made using watercolor, but I’m not positive. The ones in color are equally as wonderful as the black and white ones.


Others books I checked out are: When We Were Young: Two Centuries of Children’s Book Illustrations (1977) by Williams Feaver, 101 Alphbets (1958) by W. Ben. Hunt…Ed. C. Hunt, and An Animated Alphabet by Marie Angel.

The second illustrations is by Arthur Rackham, a favorite of mine. He did a series of Alice in Wonderland illustrations that I loves. I really like his use of lines and elongated forms and figures.


An Animated Alphabet has the best intricate, detailed illustrations ever. They’re very realistic. I think the butterflies are my favorite.


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