Haunted House Photo Shoot

I finished my illustrations (blogged here). The images are a part of a soundscape for a class I am taking this semster. The story behind it is that I have invited some friends to go on a road trip to my imaginary great Aunt Agnes’ mansion out in the Texas boonies. It turns out that the mansion is haunted and these are the noises that we hear one night. I cut out the images and pasted them onto cardboard.

I propped them up outside in hopes to simulate a real environment. I’ve tried both color and black and white. The black and white look the best and work better with the eerie, spooky theme.

I don’t know why, but I got a real Hitchcock/”Psycho” vibe. I think I might be because of the long, vertical shot. The house  does sort of remind me of the Bates family mansion.

I decided to play around in Photoshop to add some ghostly effects. The little girl in the first one is me.

Please visit my Youtube channel here for the soundscape.


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