Hand Lettering

I made some fonts a couple of weeks ago using gouache and watercolor. These are the best of the bunch. I’m thinking about submitting some to the TypeGallery 2010 typeface design competition. I would refine and clean them up, of course.

I name this one The Intellectual. I was going for scholarly, traditional, but with a modern easy, handmade feel. I didn’t really care to be precise. I want to mix typeface with handwriting. Maybe I will on a next variation.

I did a simplified version in hunter green. The original version would have been hunter green with navy shading. I was feeling very preppy and or ivy league about this color scheme.

I thought about the late 1970s, summer, Florida, racing cars and their graphics when making these letters. This also made me think of vintage vacation souvenir t-shirts.

The final font has a more personal touch. I wanted to look at it as someone signature, some that has qualities to be big and epic. This reminded of the director Cecil B. DeMille…maybe because the name Emile rhymes with his last name. Anyway, I wanted to still channel old Hollywood. I would like to think that Emile is a young man with antiquated charm; he wears oxfords and vintage Pendleton blazers.

vintage souvenir tees

vintage vacation tees

new Pendleton


6 thoughts on “Hand Lettering

    • It has to do with my thoughts when I was making it. I reminded me of the typeface in books or an old typewriter…from there I thought of the words ‘the intellectual’ and as a characteristic of a person that likes to learn and his intelligent.

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