Birthday Card Drafts

I’ve been working on and off on a contest to design the front cover for a greeting card. My first thought was to make a birthday card; festive, colorful, exciting, and fun were the first things to come to mind. I was inspired by my cupcake baking friend Gerard to put a cupcake instead of a cake on the cover.

I wanted to do something hand done, I felt it would stand out and show me, my personality and trademark or style. I ended up cutting these images out of the paper I drew them on because I messed up everything else around them. Then I saw the potential to do stereographics. I’ve done a few projects using a similar method (See Rich Mind Map + Project Photos and the last photo in New T-shirt Graphics). I love the making and the shadows created when the images are in 3-D. The shadows in this photo got me thinking. I’m wondering what the background could be.

When I was trying to come up with a font, I thought of cake icing. I started playing with some “caramel” syrup. The result was this:

My favorite shot (below). I love the little, golden sparkles of light trapped inside.

The key to achieving my icing font was to mimic the overlapping that happens when people write on cakes with icing. Please ignore the misspelling of birthday.

Finally, I decided to just do me. I love making little swirls and I’ve done well with circles before. I was drawn to do something sugary and sweet. I thought of candy and the swirls in the round peppermint candies. Many types of sweet treats are circular, it’s the perfect combination!

I extended lines out from the cupcake to the over side to reference the lines of music scores on sheets of music. My mind went to the “Happy Birthday” song. The wave shape reminds me of rainbows. I don’t know how or if I’ll color them in. I might just opt for black lines instead. I think this final composition will like good if done in Adobe Illustrator, but I like the idea of doing it my hand also. It might be more challenging trying to pick a medium (or mediums) that works best and trying work with the choices if I decide to do it by hand. So…what do you think?


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