My Favorite Things Part 2

I have opted to think about and celebrate the things that I have and love, instead of things that I don’t have. I really want to finish decorating my room this summer. I’ve ben planning it, but never getting around to it. I just need a feel more things, like a curtain rod and some spray paint and I should be closer that ever to finishing. So here are some of my favorite things.

A couple of weeks ago I went to a garage sale with my mom and bought these three belts.

The metal belt I bought looks awesome, I can’t wait to wear it.

The fabric they’re laying on is one of two vintage wall hanging sort of things my mom bought at a garage sale. I’m not sure what there are or how they’re supposed to be displayed. I want to put them up in my room or drape one of them over my nightstand. One is marked 100% linen the other isn’t, but both feel like they are made from the same type of fabric.

Here are the cloths.

I love the how the black is used to define the image. It gives and old world, hand done feel to it.

The other cloth appears to be a souvineer from New Zealand. It reminds me of the type of state map used in my elementary school classrooms, it would list the state bird, flower, etc… The colors used make me think back to the old encyclopedias I had as a kid. The colors are bright, but they don’t feel modern. I don’t know how to explain it. Maybe it’s the cream color of linen (that has no color) of the outermost border or the retro 1960s/70s tan used throughout.

I love the illustrations on this one, and the shades of blue and green are beautiful.

A small pillow that has an illustration on it similar to antique botanical illustrations.

I use this blanket (given to me by a friend of my mother) in the winter. I love the tiny rosettes and the twisted tassels. It belongs in grandmothers cottage.

My mini library, the table it sits on is in the process of being repainted, by me, by I have yet to finish it. Meanwhile, my books are stacked in a chair. My room is looking pretty disorganized right now.

Have I mentioned how much I love the 80s? Well I do. This is The Benetton Color Style File from the 1980s that I bought at the local library book sale. It’s fabulous. The book explores color themes in relation to season, environment, or occassion, what your favorite color says about you, and how to mix and match colors and pattern.

Another favorite book of mine is The Forgotten Door by Alexander Key. I like this particular 1965 edition that I have because of the great vintage cover and illustrations.

Finally, I love my new Gola shoes! I want a gold pair next.


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