Like the Hummingbird

I was watching the documentary called “Dirt!” on PBS’s “Independent Lens”. The documentary is about the role of dirt in our beginning, our existence, and our sustainment.

There is a particular part of the documentary in which Nobel Prize-winning activist Wangari Maathai spoke about the hummingbird. I can’t remember everything exactly. The story went something like this: The forest was burning and all the animals ran out of the forest and were standing, staring, transfixed on the flames consuming their home. The hummingbird sipped up water into it’s mouth and flew over the fire and dropped the water in his mouth on the fire. It kept doing this, back and forth. One of the animals shouted, ‘What are you doing? Your wings are too small.’ The hummingbird kept going, taking in water, as much as it’s mouth would allow and went over to drop it on the fire. Maathai, finished the story by saying, ‘When the other animals are sitting around watching the earth go down the drain, I will be like the hummingbird. I will do the best I can.’

Via Geek in the Garden on Flickr.

Sometimes things can seem overwhelming, but I want to remember that action counts…even if it’s small. I will do the best I can. I will do my part. This can be applied to other areas of my life, not just concerning the environment. There’s my career, my faith…even when things are bigger than me. One person doesn’t make and army, but many can. If everyone does what they can there will be a big difference. With patience in my own life, every effort I do can lead to something big. Every effort, every ‘best I can’ is progress towards personal growth, learning, and improvement.


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