Business Cards

I’ve finally started trying to design my business cards. I wanted a design that represents my design aesthetic. I decided on the name Prairie Grace. I want the imagery to reference nature (life on the prairie) and the classic, refined, and simplicity of modernity. It is my new definition of grace. It is one that is connected to the past yet still in the present. When I think of life on the prairie during the 1800s, I think of the delicate femininity of women and their wardrobe and the tough, rugged masculinity of the men. I think of the durability and craftsmanship of the things they used and wore. I think about the necessity and less excess. So for the present I want a mix of this, shapes and forms simplified. I want things to be timeless, classic, to have the ability to be passed down from generation tho generation, something that is not a trend, that is consistent. I see something that is neither feminine nor masculine, but a mixture a both—organic and geometric. This is my definition of grace, glamour, and beauty.

Here’s what I have so far:

I want the colors to be complimentary (the blue and green) but I also want to throw in some discord. I’ll be looking around for color suggestions and ways to make the design look less basic. Any suggestions?


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