Farmer’s Market Posters (Media + Stylizations)

This is a series of posters I did this past semester about farmers’ market. My emphasis was on the referencing the farmers’ market that is set in a rural area. I wanted to draw attention to iconography of the idyllic farm that has ties to days gone by, i.e. not completely modern and with a hint of the past.

Media: watercolor, gouache, cut paper, and pastel

While brainstorming I found areas of interest and importance.


old-fashioned, worn, rustic, hand-made


idyllic, nostalgic


small, gathering, supportive, homey

In the area of color, I wanted to mostly stick with primary colors, then mix and vary the tone and intensity. Red was an important color as it symbolizes the traditional barn and the texture had to be spot on in order to get the old, faded, barn feeling.

I chose four objects to stylize that would connect the viewer to the type of setting I had in mind. The four object were: a farm truck from the 1930s, a hand written sign, a scale, and a barn.


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