New Fashion Finds: Blesslev, Jacquie Aiche

So I will be blogging soon about the fashion side of design that I love so much, more specifically my fashion icons. I recently heard (about 15 minutes ago) about a website that sells leather pouch necklaces. I discovered the site via a Tweet by Samantha Ronson. Apparently people have been asking where she got hers. The necklaces are called Blesslev and the artist is Jacquie Aiche. There is an inexpensive pouch necklace, only  $36, that is within my budget. I just may buy it.

The font really speaks to the spirituality of the jewelry. The jewelry from her other site, the second link, is even more beautiful. My favorite are the jewelry made from rocks and minerals. They took my breath away. What of love most about these is the connections to nature, the ground, the earth. I love the colors and the textures found through her designs.


5 thoughts on “New Fashion Finds: Blesslev, Jacquie Aiche

  1. Yeah-& they also do the leather pouch necklace that Sara Gilbert wears everyday on the talk…of course, hers is a specially made vegan version. Fans of this design seem to love the bronze color pouch. Just a tip for us curious gals*

  2. where can I purchase your rose gold neclace with leather prayer pouch with stone with surrounding diamonds. thank you for any information given.

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