Be Bold: Fashion Inspired by Design Principles

I attended a lecture series this past spring at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. The title was Transparency: Exposing Graphic Design. Designers that spoke were: Steven Heller, Andy Altman, Ellen Lupton, and Michael Rock. I was present at the last three. It was put on by Rice Design Alliance. From these lectures my class was to pull ideas that inspired us and create a Mind Map to visual develop and progress our ideas. This Mind Map is where I merged the designers’ concepts I admired with my own as well as ideas pulled from other sources. I have two final revision I’m torn between. My biggest obstacles were color, visual flow, and cohesion. Update: I drastically changed the color, and played around with the text a little. The final mind map is directly below:

Mind Map Final 1

The color inspiration was the interior of a home featured in Metropolitan Home. I was going for bold, yet sophisticated.


Here is the other version ‘be BOLD’ and ‘Excuse me’ are in a bright red.

Mind Map Final 2


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