New Lay’s Bags and Kettle Brand Chips

I was in Subway last month when I noticed the new bags Lay’s had come out with. I picked their new flavor, Southwestern Ranch, it’s delicious. I thought their new bags looked very sophisticated. The colors scheme was very warm, earthy, natural and even gourmet. The bag in person has a matte finish, unlike their previous and current shiny and “cheap” looking bags. The rest of the flavors Baked Lay’s line have also gotten new outfits.

Baked Lays Southwestern Ranch

The new design of the Baked Lay’s bag reminds me of the Kettle Brand Baked Potato Chips bag.

Hickory Honey BarbequeI love both brands, but I’m particularly fond of Kettle’s Honey Dijon chips, not their healthiest option, but they’re delicious. I like how there’s that band of color on all their bags, each color relating to the particular flavor or regions that inspired the flavors. For example, the Island Jerk flavored chips have a festive purple band. I also like the silhouettes that have been added on some of the bags, especially the Backyard Barbeque. Kettle is really creative when it comes to naming their products. I do not like the flaming jalapeno on the Jalapeno flavor nor do I like the flames outlined on the Death Valley Chipotle (which has a great name). These details seem somewhat cartoonish, less advanced or too easy in the thought process and not as ingenious as the Backyard Barbeque.  Overall I think these companies have delicious products and talented people working on their product’s packages.


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