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I’ve been slacking from blogging a bit, but have been working on trying to get my work out there more this year (and in the future). Here are some finished pieces I’ve done (2012-2013). The majority were done in graphite and ink, with the exception of “Home” (which has color created with a colored pencil) and “Secret Garden (which was done in crayon). I submitted the first one (below) and the work titled (House in the Mountains” for the Lawndale Big Show, but was not accepted. The other pieces where ¬†featured in the JoMar Visions Group Show last month. I will also be submitting works for the 17th Annual¬†Citywide African American Artists Exhibition¬†sponsored by the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (MFAH). Last year my work titled “Thomas & Janie” was accepted. Wish me luck!


"House on the Mountains"

Close up: "House in the Mountains"


Close up: "Castle"


Close up; Crepe Myrtle trees in "Home"

"Secret Garden"

Close up: "Secret Garden"

NEW Graphic Doodles

French Bouquet on Blush

“French Bouquet on Blush”

I want to make this large, and use and altered version of my handwriting as the font for ‘Bonjour’. I think this print will look better on blush.

French Bouquet on White

“French Bouquet on White”

"Alien Contact"

“Alien Contact”

This was a result of a happy accident using Live Trace in Adobe illustrator.



Patterns (Equestrian and Futuristic Space)

Some new patterns I hope to explore soon…



Small horseshoe pattern with accent color:





Accidental Inspiration: Red Roof

I was using some shapes and colors to create an interesting pattern for assignment I was doing at work a few months ago. I thought it look pretty good, but not quite right for the assignment.

Post Cards (February)

I was going to make a series of post cards, one for each month, but… I never stuck with it. Sad, I know. However, here is the first one I did (February).

Here are some close ups.

2/2012 “February”, 4″x6″, colored pencils, watercolor, cut paper, glitter, glue

New Illustrations

I’m working with Crayola Crayons again, in hopes to capture the same…youthful vibrancy of my childhood drawings. I guess that’s the best way to put it.



Environments: “Andrea’s Bedroom”

Environments: "Andrea's Bedroom"

Patterns: Pastel Cotton Candy



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